I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. After years of teenage pop-punk angst that made me feel like I "GOTTA GET OUTTA MY HOMETOWN," I accidentally fell in love with this city as an adult. Oops.

I'm an avid supporter of local businesses and culture, and I hope to leave a lasting imprint on Phoenix with my art and design, just as Phoenix has left an imprint on me.

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Design Studies from Arizona State University in 2012. I have worked as part of the production design team at Phoenix New Times, as lead designer at The Social Grocer (a local marketing agency), and I've done enough freelance work to float a boat.

In 2014, I created an interactive arts publication called The Paper Plane Zine, a showcase for artists and writers who do unique work with print media. I have been drawing autobiographical journal comics for many years, and I'm currently developing a graphic novel. I also sing, write, and play guitar for a band called The Darling Sounds.

I spend some of my spare time (ha) lending a hand with Girls Rock! Phoenix, a local non-profit that hosts a rock camp for young girls.

I love spending time with my younger brother and sister, I like to host elaborate theme parties, I'm obsessed with cryptids and voodoo, and I subsist mostly on cold brew coffee.

Nothing stirs my passion the way that great design does. I am a very aware consumer of good design. Every day I strive to create work that's worthy of passionate consumption.